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Neoma Healing-19.png
Neoma Healing-20.png

Primarily a mother and caretaker, Nicole extended her energy into Neoma Healing as an act of service for her family, friends and community.

We connected and with wonderful ease and play, co-created a visual expression reflective of the heart-centered, sacred, ethereal energies Nicole channels in her sessions.

These spaces are deeply empowering, and held with humility and grace ~ and we wove that frequency through the business cards and flyer. Those who are ready to receive her gifts will feel it.


I absolutely loved the experience of opening up our creative portal. I had so much trust as Megan drew in the light of gaia and the cosmos and sense all the other energies and frequencies present...that she would easily be able to tap into my energy field within the portal to help birth what needed to be in this world.

Neoma Healing-21.png

With the logo, color palette, font suite and aligned imagery created, we expanded Neoma Healing's brand into business cards and a flyer... most suited for this primarily in-person, referral based business. Ooh and it is SO sweet to hold this frequency in the palm of your hand!

Neoma Healing Biz Cards-24.png
"Incredible...I was intuitively drawn to Weave the Light and the reality of working together has well exceeded my expectations. Megan is a true light weaver."

feeling this?

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