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the client

Neoma Healing

Reiki ~ Sound ~ Crystal Therapy

the work

Nicole started her business as an act of service for her family, friends and community. As a mother, so much of her service was oriented toward her family, but she received clearly to "not be concerned with how you serve, just receive the light, anchor it, and let it flow out."

Nicole felt ready to evolve her brand, developing business cards and a flyer to share her gifts with any who are ready to receive them.

the goals

As a channel for reiki and pure love, Nicole creates a space that is both deeply empowering and held with humility and grace.  She wanted her clients to feel the heart-centered, sacred, ethereal energies she channels in sessions in her brand. 


brand words

Angelic, Gentle, Nurturing

the process

Our co-creation began with opening the sacred container, calling all of our guides into presence, and setting the intentions to bring this service into its' highest potential. The energy of Lemuria, our star families, the angels, Gaia and so many more was potent ~ and made for the most magical of experiences for both of us!


To bring through the brand, Nicole filled out the branding and design questionnaire, and then I tune in to receive a moodboard and two-three logo concepts.  Here is the moodboard that flowed through for us:

Neoma Healing-21.png

"I absolutely loved the experience of opening up our creative portal. I had so much trust as Megan drew in the light of gaia and the cosmos and sense all the other energies and frequencies present...that she would easily be able to tap into my energy field within the portal to help birth what needed to be in this world."



the assets

With the logo, color palette, font suite and aligned imagery created, we expanded Neoma Healing's brand into business cards and a flyer. As Neoma Healing is primary a referral-based in-person business, physical assets were the most helpful at this time. There is nothing like holding your frequency in your hand in physical form, and I was so grateful to co-create these stunning assets for Neoma Healing.

Neoma Healing Biz Cards-24.png

"Incredible...I was intuitively drawn to Weave the Light and the reality of working together has well exceeded my expectations. Megan is a true light weaver."



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