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Megan Katherine



Weave the Light was born from my passion for design, storytelling and desire to support heart and soul-led entrepreneurs.
It is about so much more than just having a website or brand.
This is a true weaving of frequency, feeling and intention to create a living, breathing tapestry of your energy.
It is sacred, magical play ~
and I am so grateful to share in this creative service.
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you're likely to find me...

~ out in the fields, forests and waters, in awe of Gaia and all her flora and fauna

~ with a cup of cacao, writing poetry, sketching dreams, channeling songs

~ at my altar, celebrating creation, listening to and embodying deep wisdom

~ traveling the physical or etheric planes, as a long-time nomad, meditator and psychonaut

~ in the kitchen, my original creative outlet and soul nourishment portal

~ or at my desk, creating something beautiful with souls like you!

with love
+ magic

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