bring your high vibrational presence into the digital sphere k 
grounded in authenticity and CONNECTED TO your cosmic essence. 

A design and branding studio for

healers, lightworkers, wayshowers

and people with a purpose.

Let's create something magical

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Recent collaborations

Work with me

Weave the Light studio is an unfolding of my highest service. I have opened myself to be a channel of love, and to support my brothers and sisters of the light.


Co-creating beautiful, soul-driven brands and businesses brings me absolute joy, as I love to see others shine and feel the good vibrations radiating out from all corners of the physical, digital and astral spheres.


I always set the intention for this process to be just as fun and magical for you.

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You are radiant, EMPOWERED, INSPIRING.


i help you WEAVE YOUR vibration throughout your business,

channel aesthetically-pleasing, magically-aligned designs,

and guide you in fitting together the pieces of your offering.


I speak your language

Anyone can design a website. But when you exist in the world of frequency, you know that intention and understanding create a ripple effect through everything.

Weave the Light is run by Megan Katherine, an activator and wayshower who speaks the language of awakening, works in multidimensional portals, connects with Source and Gaia to channel her offerings, and is well versed in the digital sphere.

Together, we will seamlessly weave your unique soul-work into the world wide web.

Your business reflects your frequency

When you create a soul-based business, it will encompass your unique vision, values and purpose.

This branding essentials worksheet will help you bring your myriad ideas into a clear mission statement.

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High vibrational branding, design and coaching for high vibrational souls.

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