the client

Megan Katherine

Healer, Coach, New Earth Leader

the work

Yes, I am my own client! I've been designing websites for nearly 7 years, and when I was called into service as an activator and guide to the magical realms, of course, I wanted a high frequency brand to attract aligned clients.

This is a great example of how our website changes with our vibration. You can see the evolution of my site designs over the years.

the goals

I wanted to create a site that would grow with me, and elevate my work to new levels. Many of the sites I had previously built were budget-based, and I wanted to pour energy into this site like never before.

I was called to offer transmissions and journeys, mentorships, and to build a library of resources for awakening starseeds. I wanted all of these tools of transformation to be accessible and spark remembrance within.

brand words

about me-18.png
about me-20.png
about me-19.png

Cosmic, Grounded, Inspiring, Magical

the result


"We are living in accelerated, transformational times.

Everything you can imagine is possible.

and it's all waiting to be unlocked within you."

~ megan katherine

the evolution

MK archive-31.png

I include this to remind you, as I share with all of my clients, that your brand and website will change with your frequency.  This is totally okay, and a great sign that you are expanding and embodying more of your truth.

We set the intention that your brand and digital portal will be able to grow with you, at least for a few years. What you see here is a clarification of offerings, audience, messaging and visual representation of my frequency, and subsequent re-orientation of my website to reflect that.




and the present


This Wix-built site feels both cosmic and grounded, with a mix of Sirian blue, earthy sand colors and golden accents. There is a simplicity, a crispness, and a clear communication of the joyful, magical, creative energy.

It also has:

~ Newsletter subscriptions and a free meditation for new sign-ups

~ Online journeys available as digital downloads

~ Application for the Highest Service Coaching container

~ Resource pages for holistic health and awakening 

~ Integrated with social media

~ Custom font suite and graphics

~ Seamless mobile/tablet responsiveness



This website was built in true co-creation with Weave the Light. It was a fascinating experience to work with aspects of my highest self, feel them weaving their magic together, and witness this upgraded brand and digital portal flow through me.

There was not much thought that went into this site. Rather, a sensation of relaxation and surrender to the information, images and energies that were presenting themselves. While it was a time-consuming process, it was at the same time effortless, joyful, magical and felt so beautiful.

This is the intention I bring to all of my co-creations (well, not the physical time aspect, but I have learned to trust the divine timing :))

"May these encoded tools assist you in deepening love, trust and joy, and reminding you that you, too, can create the world of your dreams."

~ megan katherine

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