the client

Yoga for the Shift

Cacao  + Yoga + Energy Healing

the work

This dynamic being serves high vibrational cacao as a tool to help people open their hearts and get in touch with their true essence. He created Yoga for the Shift to combine various guided meditations, sound healing, and intuitive techniques to share his sacred offerings. He wanted a brand that would capture the frequency of this new business.

the goals

Yoga for the Shift wanted to feature the cacao plant, sacred geometry, bright colors and golden accents to awaken the heart and activate the crown.

Yoga for the Shift_Final Logo_Transparen

brand words

Bold, Lively, Sacred

Screen Shot 2020-11-01 at 5.31.44 PM.png


the process

Building a brand begins with the branding and design questionnaire, a live call, and then two to three rounds of logos and revisions.  The initial round showcases two to four different ideas, and gradually we narrow in on the final logo from there.  It is always such a joy to see a business come to life on the screen!

White Logo-49.png

"You've blessed my life so much. 

I feel so grateful to have your support."


~ jyotir, yoga for the shift

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