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Rainbow Tales publishes stories for the child in all of us, and with their initial offering 'There is More Than Meets the Eye' ready to publish ~ it was time to make their mark!

Working collaboratively with Lily Rose, we brought through a visual expression for this tapestry. Lily proceeded with the illustrations for the book, as Weave the Light built the digital portal, weaving the threads of story, art and heart.

This project had a multi-phase launch process, as the book moved through its' stages of announcement to pre-order to full availability ~ and will continue to evolve as more of the Trailblazer Series is published!



Screen Shot 2022-04-16 at 6.12.09 PM.png
our co-creative flow

Valkyrie, Little Viking, Lily and I opened our sacred co-creative portal in immense joy, calling in all of the magic, our teams, and placing our intentions into the fertile soil of this space, anchoring it as four pillars embodied on this plane.

We moved into the initial stage of learning about and expressing the identity of Rainbow Tales ~ creating a moodboard, choosing our colors and fonts, and blending Lily's paintings with digital art.

weaving into form

With the visual and energetic expression in place, we move into the digital portal build phase. This involves a few co-creative calls, where we tune into the intentions, journey and functionalities of the website space together.

Each page is mocked up in Adobe, and we refine until the frequency is stabilized. Intention is everything, and this site wanted to "fan the embers of the Inner Divine and gently awaken the Children of God," so every thread was woven in joy, love, wisdom and truth.

This Wix-built site is truly a rainbow in digital form, and has:

~ Online ordering

~ Newsletter subscriptions

~ Built-in blog

~ Gifts and gems in written & visual form

~ Custom font suite

~ Seamless mobile/tablet responsiveness

I train all my clients to navigate the back-end and make simple changes themselves, so text edits and photo changes can be made with ease.

Cover - 11.12.png

print magic

As this whole co-creation was centered around a book, I have to share the cover and invite you into this magic for yourself.

With the content channeled through Valkyrie & Little Viking, and the paintings brought to life by Lily Rose ~ I simply wove these threads into a form able to be sent off to print.

This magical tale is a delightful remembrance of what lies beyond our ordinary senses, for any age. And an absolute delight to weave in this space.

THANK YOU for sharing your divine gifts with us. I am soaring. You have woven a brilliant, loving, powerful digital space. It is a lovely, high-vibrational space to be in and which to offer to the world.


ready to build your own portal?

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