this is a co-creation

This studio and this website have been designed with you in mind.

Everything you see, read and feel here has been made with love, devotion and intention to radiate the highest frequency ~ exactly how I will approach your project.

WHEN YOu ARE CREATING from a space of serving your highest purpose,

everything feels magical and flows with ease.

Our Container

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After you fill out the client intake form, we will have a brief call to check our resonance and feel that this is an aligned project for both of us.

You'll fill out an in-depth branding and design questionnaire, and then together, 

we will open a multidimensional space for this work:

LWe will call in our guides, teachers, and higher selves.

LWe will ask for the highest wisdom to flow through us.

LWe will ask that this work be for the highest good of all.

LWe will ask that this co-creation reach all the souls who are ready to receive it.

LWe will ask for abundance to flow effortlessly.

LWe will open to be channels of beauty, joy and love.

LAnd we will ask to be divinely supported every step of the way.


From there, the container will be open, and we will weave magic within the space.

this likely resonates if you consider yourself a

healer, lightworker, starseed, wayshower, activator,

or are simply working to make the world a better place.

And that's me, too.

I have committed myself to the awakening path since 2012. I choose to follow the guidance of my heart, let my passions lead me, and gratefully bask in the magic that continues to unfold as a result.


I delight in weaving my soul's gifts into offerings that bring love, joy, truth, beauty and bliss into the world.

Website design and branding came to me quite naturally. I was working as a farm-to-table caterer out in northern California, and needed to build a website for myself. Soon I had just as many design clients as I did diners.  My love of nature, magic and the minimalist aesthetic flows through all co-creations.


This work continues to evolve, just as I do. My curiosity for the Great Mystery is endless, and with each day, the remembrance of my purpose, my cosmic connection, and my channel becomes clearer.

I am deeply grateful to offer myself in love, and amplify the frequency of those anchoring in the light.

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I hold the vision of a harmonious, abundant, unconditionally loving world. If you share these values, let's anchor them in together.

I believe in ...

The wisdom of nature.

The power of divinity.

Transparency, authenticity, vulnerability and commitment.

The frequency of joy, play and magic.

The mystery and miracle of life.

I believe we are here for a reason. I feel the power and potential in these transformative times. And I am committed to being a force for good.

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"Lots of people are talented graphic designers,

but few people can truly capture what’s in someone’s heart." 

~ Sam, USA