identify your

divine offering

We are all at different stages of our creational journey,

and I am honored to support you wherever you are in the process.


If you are feeling the call to shift how you use your energy, considering launching a soul-aligned business, or wanting to position your current offering differently, then a coaching and strategy mentorship may be for you.

How it works

 We’ll enter a sacred container of co-creation to bring all the pieces of your mission, vision and skills together to weave a divine offering that supports you abundantly and attracts resonant clients.

Your business is your divine offering to the world, and when fully flowing from the heart, it will reflect the unique frequency of your soul.

Chances are, you have a LOT of ideas flowing through you, many gifts and talents, and a multitude of ways you could be in service. But this is hard to reconcile with the old way of doing business ~ having one offering with an easy answer to the question, "What do you do?"

Welcome to the New Way

There is absolutely a path for you to bring your highest service to the world in a way that feels joyful, magical, creative and innovative. We just have to find it.

Together, we'll explore the vision you hold for the world, what you are trying to achieve, the myriad ways you can see yourself creating this world, and why people should care.

We'll dive into the emotional and functional benefits that people might receive from your offering, and formulate a clear, cohesive belief and mission statement that easily attracts your ideal client. (And we'll know all the characteristics of who that ideal client is.)

From there, we will channel all the avenues to attract abundance and what your next steps are.

This coaching and strategy mentorship is built uniquely for you from a combination of live calls, journaling prompts, meditative journeys, sacred ceremony and personal practices,  

"It was wonderful to work with someone who is so centered in their heart. When I consider what kind of energies I want to put into the foundation of my business, I feel truly grateful that Megan's frequency has been added to it.