the client


Local Salvadoran and Mexican Kitchen

the work

Abi's has been serving the local Minneapolis community her home-cooked Salvadoran and Mexican food since 2015.  With an opportunity to move her cafe into a more central location, Abi wanted to upgrade her overall presence, and build a brand and website that reflect her soul-ful business.

Abi's old brand ~ she really liked the

silverware-built A, but beyond that, 

she knew she needed to upgrade.

the goals

Abi wanted to create a site that would feel as diverse as her diners, and reflect her Salvadoran culture. She loved the mural painted in her current restaurant, and wanted that to inspire the design. She wanted a website that could feature her menu, food photography, online ordering and eventually host an online store. She also wanted to be able to make simple changes to the website herself, instead of always relying on outside help.

brand words

Bright, Community, Modern

the result

Next Step ~ Website Creation!

Stay tuned...

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